Guidance & Consultancy

Our qualified, dedicated and professional staff will help the students to set the right courses, levels, institutions with utmost care and sincerity and in this matter, TCL Global is unmatched.            

It has been a tough phase for the students in between the completion of high school education and the start of next education journey. During this period, it is very crucial to choose the right course as per the individual’s need, vision, and qualification. The students have to consider many pragmatic aspects in making the perfect decision. It is difficult to do all these as a young student. Moreover, if a student takes a wrong decision at this crucial stage, it may have a long-term career affect.

Here, we come forward to helping the students. We offer the world-class counseling service to the client-students as per their profiles and guide them to get the admission into the best possible universities. From course selection to start the class journey, we gladly assist the client-students. Whether you aim to secure a place at any English School or College or University, TCL Global is always ready to offer you all types of guidance completely free of charge.